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Dec. 16th, 2020

Anime Miana

Welcome to my Journal

May. 7th, 2008

Anime Miana

Life is tough...

Well last night was my band concert and I was in a skirt, which sucked cause guys from the other class were there and they may tell Jarred. Guilia finally dumped Jarred, but he asked out Cindy like 2 hours later. I'm going to an anniversary party on friday, so I get to leave school at 11:45 today, 4 WHOLE HOURS B4 ITS OVER!!! The reason I"m leaving is to go clothes shopping and get a haircut!!! Even though so much is happening, I don;t really know what to write about. I told Lurk that i like him, and him and Kel are broken up, but he wants to get back with her....Shadow wants Jessica to send him a picture with me in a skirt -_- evil Jessica RAWR.

Apr. 17th, 2008

Emo Miana

I can have fun too!!

Tonight I"m going to the library again with Jessica. We are going to sit in front of it from after school to about 7 and i hope Jake or Ty or someone I know shows up. Also on the weekend we are going to do voice clips with shadow YAY ^^ because I"m sleeping over at Jessica's Friday after school and we are going to the library later on, on Saturday. Yesturday was funny, we played duck duck goose oat 2nd break and What time is it Mr. Wolf XDD (Colin was playing too!!!) We had the worst subsitute EVER!!!! And during a history movie Alicia and Colin held hands!!!! finally they do something without us having to bug them. I'm allowed to type with my broken finger but it still hurts. Yesturday at school i had to get 2 shots, Hep B and Mc IT SUCKED!!! my arms hurt and im annoyed. Everyone was talkin bout how much they bled but I didn;t bleed at all....am i weird lol! I want to play my flute cause i havent played in forever and i miss crying out to the spirits!

Apr. 16th, 2008

Anime Miana

The confused girl speaks

Wow!!! I totally forgot about my journal but today I feel like writing and writing and writing!!! Well, Me and Shadow r getting close and i think i love him, but I'm all the way here in Canada and he lives in Cali. I still like Jarred, I've liked him forever but he is going out with Guilia STILL!!!! Also, last weekend I saw Jena, I think I forgot how much I missed my sis over the days, it was nice to see her. I also met her boyfriend Ty. He's pretty cool and really nice too. I met Holly, Jena's g6 friend. She's kool, a little like Jessica. I saw Duncan...meh I hate him lol. But this time I didn't hang out with the usual 3 people like alwys, there was a fourth. A highschooler, named Jake. He's 14 but he acts my age. He's funny and so funny. I wish I could see them again so for now on I"m going to the library almost every day so I can see them. I'm not hangin with Meaghan anymore, shes a phyco. And Kelsey is starting to bug me, she's whining aLOT. It really bugs me. Sweet little Alicia (as we call her) has gotton a bf. Even if its just Colin, It's still funny ^^

Feb. 6th, 2008

Anime Miana

Feb 6

Man I haven't updatyed this in awhile. Well....Kelsey and Yanner are finally over and Meaghan dated Logan for awhile and then dumped him. Kelsey is turning into a spaz because she likes Logan and he was dating Haylee and said he'd date her after and now they r over and hes with Justy. Meaghan and Kelsey are turning into whores but we still have a lot of fun. Yesturday there were huge puddles all over the playground and we spent nutrition break getting as wet as possible. Jess and Alicia would NEVER do that. It was hilarious our pants were soaked. We have a plan to do it again today but we had an icestorm so the playground is covered in ice not puddles. Oh well XD. Having fun on yt and I'm learning flute better than b4. Well...can't think of anything else byeeee

Jan. 10th, 2008

Anime Miana

Jan 10

I know I'm not writing much but I'm busy. A science project a french project and today we r starting book reports and I'm doing mine on a 400 paged book...well its more like 500. But the good thing is for my presentation im getting vampire fangs, a cape and I get to dye my hair blonde. The book I'm doing? THE VAMPIRE LESTAT. I'm going to do a dramatic skit as if I was Lestat actually telling the story of my life. It'll be awesome. Anything else going on in my completly boring life? Well....Kelsey and Tanner are still together...I dont know how I feel about that. I dont think I like Tanner anymore...I'm almost sure....but on Monday when me and kelsey were on the snow hill (well what was left of it) and Tanner came up and said "ur cool" and pointed at kelsey "and ur cool" and he pointed at me I felt strangly happy. We are having a heat wave here. All our snow is mostly gone. It sux. Any other year I would be happy. I used to hate snow. But this uyear...im so wqeird. I do not feel the cold very much...unless its freezing. I dont know...I dont think im normal....I know thinking I'm a vampire is completely outta the question.....but a demon inside. Maybe Rintsuki isnt so fake after all.....I don't know I just think I"m one weird kid.

Jan. 3rd, 2008

Anime Miana

Jan 3

WELL HAPPT NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!! A bit late I know...I've been busy so I haven't really gotton a cance to write in this. On the weekend at Meaghans sleepover me Kelsey, Meaghan and Alicica made plans for a school paper. We even have a short rough of it to show the principal!!!! Aldo the next day after Alicia left we watched Black X-mas. A R+ rating and it wasn't even scary. It was funny the way Billy killed people. A sharp candycane a pen, christmas lights, mak9ing cookies outta skin and eating them. That part was gross!!! But it was funny!!! We rented the wrong Desend. Oh well. They thought Interview with the Vampire was boring because they were never paying attention at the good parts. XDDDDDD

Dec. 28th, 2007

Anime Miana

Dec 28

Well I made a new character 4 my chats. Kyuu a vampire ^^. Cause I love Interview with the vampire so much. Ally got an ipod. I went to her house 4 a sleepover last night and it was fun.
G2G write more later bye bye ^^

Dec. 26th, 2007

Anime Miana

Boxing Day

Today is the most sad day in the entire world. It means christmas is over TT_TT. Oh well I'm not gonna mope around!!!! I sent a poem about Saori to Chicken Soup for the Soul...I think it was on Love and Couples. Well the poem was on heartbreak so I hope they take it. It would be awesome to have it published. Today is me and Alisons shopping Spree. We r gonna go to Coles, EBGames, prob into Bluenotes and Stiches, we r gonna walk over to Chapters if we don't find what we want at Coles. What I really want are Anne Rice Books. U know, Interview with a Vampire and the rest of that series. I onlky have $10 on the book giftcard so I hope we find them at Coles, cause then I could use part of my BM Giftcard. (Burlington Mall) Ally is coming over in 2 hrs. First we r gonna watch, you guessed it Interview with a Vampire!!! She hasn't seen it yet. I am gonna give her one of the necklaces I got. The Best one. I'm keeping the Friends. And I'll Wear it everyday. If I remember ^^. If I can't find Anne Rice books I'm going to look for Full Moon Mangaz. I have #2 and 3 but I need #1. I also want Fruits Basket ones but first I want Full Moon ones. I am back into the Naruto Shippuden and I really want # 42 to come out. So I can Stare at Sai again lol ^^ jkjk. I am making my Naruto Chat #4 right after I finish this entry. I'm done it now. Bye Bye!!!

Dec. 25th, 2007

Anime Miana


Well Merry Christmas everyone ^^ I am really really bored right now and Jamie is no where to be found. Uncle Chris, Aunt Dee and Matt gave me an awesome present. Guess where I'm going for March Break? FLORIDA!!!!! I can't wait im soooo excited. Tomorrow Ally is coming over for Boxing Day shopping with our gift cards. Then we r gonna watch Interview with a Vampire the second best movie in the whole world, right after potc3. Someone just hacked me on yt but i changed my pass so im ok. I have been reading Chicken Soup for the Soul and I'm thinking about writing about what Saori is doing. Well going on the websitre to see Merry Christmas all

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